Raising healthy, safe and comfortable cows is vital to dairy farmers and a moral obligation.

Animal abuse is not tolerated.

  • 99% of dairy farmers voluntarily participate in the Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Animal Care Program, which outlines best management practices to ensure cow health and welfare.
  • Cow comfort is essential to produce high-quality, wholesome milk.
  • Cows have 24-hour access to food, clean water and dry bedding.
  • Cows eat a balanced, nutritious, scientifically formulated diet developed by a nutritionist.
  • Calves are bottle fed individually to ensure they receive the proper nutrition.
  • Cows receive periodic checkups, vaccinations and prompt treatment of illness by veterinarians.
  • Fans, sprinkler systems, curtains or wind breaks control barn temperatures in hot or cold weather.
  • If antibiotics must be administered to treat illness, the cow is isolated so that her milk does not enter the food supply. Any milk that tests positive is disposed of immediately.


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